our story-meet baby
our story-meet baby

Our Story: Meeting Baby

Owning a pet is incredibly sweet, and our journey began in June 2018 when I welcomed Baby into my life. She was abandoned, and adopting her marked a significant turning point.

Always brimming with excitement and curiosity during her outdoor adventures, Baby had a unique way of greeting not just fellow dogs but also people – a charming stretch and wag of her tail. Her irresistible cuteness drew attention, turning our walks into friendly encounters. She made me enjoy conversations with others and discover the joy of communication. Baby radiates an innocent yet wise spirit. Through her, I discovered the profound joy and sweetness that come from being loved and remembered.

As a dog’s parent, I always wanted to find a way to preserve my precious moments with Baby until I discovered pet replica art. These arts are vivid and possess ineffable beauty. The idea of sharing this with more pet parents inspired me to connect with friends who shared the same passion, leading to the creation of our online shop – CustomPrecious. Our goal is to encapsulate the precious moments you share with your pet, whether they are still with you or have crossed the rainbow bridge, in a unique form. We aim to make these cherished moments last a lifetime.

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Our Collections Will Melt Your Hearts

Our Collections Will Melt Your Hearts

Creating Your Pet Replica

Our Artisans At Work

Molly L.
Molly L.
“Pets are our family members who bring immense joy, companionship, and emotional support.”
Andrew W.
Andrew W.
“Your fur kids are the only creatures that love you more than they love themselves. From the moment you bring them home, you become their entire world.”
Roy Z.
Roy Z.
“The enduring memories of companionship and togetherness necessitate commemoration.”

Users Testimonials

About us Reviewer - Melissa Green

We adore the pet portrait! It’s a wonderful way to honor our cherished furry family member :)

Melissa Green

Thank you! So adorable, and my friend absolutely loved it! It resembled her beloved AJ!

Lisa Smith

About us Reviewer-Sam Lewis

Resembles our pup perfectly, capturing every little detail with remarkable accuracy.

Sam Lewis

About us Reviewer-Ben Springer

After unexpectedly losing our dog, I purchased two of these. It’s amazing how they resemble him down to every detail.

Ben Springer

About us Reviewer-Hannah McLean

Losing my dog was incredibly difficult, but having this accurate representation of him has brought me a lot of comfort and solace.

Hannah McLean

About us Reviewer-Sarah Roberts

Communication was prompt and effortless. They truly dedicate themselves to ensuring the order is flawless! Highly recommended!

Sarah Roberts

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