In the vast expanse of our memories lie countless cherished moments, be they with family, friends, or beloved pets. These moments serve as pillars of happiness and support, guiding us through the trials of life. At CustomPrecious, we present the ultimate opportunity to immortalize these precious memories through portrait art commissions.

Portrait Art Commission – Pet Portrait Commissions

Unlike conventional pet portrait commissions that rely on canvas or paper, CustomPrecious offers three distinct styles: painting on glass, 2D, and 3D painting using wool. Simply provide us with a high-resolution image of your furry companions, and our skilled artists will transform it into an extraordinary work of art.

All portraits are meticulously crafted from a single photograph. Should you encounter difficulty selecting the perfect picture, feel free to submit multiple options, and we will gladly offer our expertise to recommend the most stunning choice(s) for your portrait. Refer to our photo guide here for assistance.

Pet Portrait Commissions – 2D Needle-Felted Framed Cat Portraits

Starting from $143 or $220, exclusively for cats.

Processing time: 3-7 calendar days
Shipping time: 10-12 calendar days (US); 7-17 calendar days (Other countries)

5×7’’ – $143
8×10’’ – $220

Pet Portrait Commissions-2D Needle-Felted Framed Cat Portraits
Pet Portrait Commissions - Glass-Painting Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait Commissions – Glass-Painting Framed Pet Portraits

Prices range from $110.00 to $210.00 and apply to all pets.

Processing time: 7-14 calendar days
Shipping time: 10-12 calendar days (US); 7-17 calendar days (Other countries)

One Pet Only:
4×6’’  – $110; 6×6’’  – $114; 5×7’’ – $120; 7×7’’ – $125; 6×8’’ – $128; 8×8’’ – $138; 8×10’’ – $147

Two Pets:
6×8’’ – $146; 8×8’’ – $156; 8×10’’ – $166

Three Pets:
6×8’’ – $165; 8×8’’ – $175; 8×10’’ – $184

One Pet Plus One Person:
6×8’’ – $157; 8×8’’ – $167; 8×10’’ – $177

One Pet Plus Two Persons:
6×8’’ – $187; 8×8’’ – $196; 8×10’’ – $205

Two Pets Plus One Person:
6×8’’ – $176; 8×8’’ – $186; 8×10’’ – $195

Pet Portrait Commissions – 3D Needle-Felted Framed Dog Portraits

Starting from $179 or $346, specifically for dogs.

Processing time: 15 calendar days
Shipping time: 10-12 calendar days (US); 7-17 calendar days (Other countries)

4×6’’ | wood frame – $179
6×8’’ | silver frame – $271
8×10’’ | beige or blue frame – $346

Pet Portrait Commissions-3D Needle-Felted Framed Dog Portraits

Portrait Art Commission – People Portrait Commissions

Stay tuned for updates on our people portrait commissions, including pricing, styles, and customization options. In the meantime, if you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We’re here to help you create timeless works of art that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Experience CustomPrecious’s Distinctive Portrait Commissions

Commissioning a portrait art piece from CustomPrecious is an unparalleled experience, far beyond simply placing an order. It’s an immersive journey where you collaborate with our passionate artists to create an unforgettable masterpiece.From selecting the perfect photograph to determining the artistic style and dimensions, each step is carefully crafted to ensure the final portrait captures the unique emotions and memories you hold dear. This distinctive commissioning process is more than just acquiring artwork; it’s a close interaction with the creator, enriching your life with cherished memories.

Published On: May 29, 2024
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